Smartwatch below 10000 rupees in India

Best Digital Smartwatch 2020 reviews and features. Timekeeping is not the only function that a watch is expected to do nowadays. With Humongous range of smartwatches acquiring the market, you can never feel lonely and restricted with high-end Technology embedded in the Best Digital Smartwatch 2020.

An average Smartwatch comes with fitness tracker features, GPS facility, Bluetooth connection, and support for music player. Compromising with these fundamental features while buying a Smartwatch can spoil all the fun.

Therefore, we have brought the best Smartwatch buying guide for you so that your hard-earned money only brings you the relevant product.

Top 10 smartwatches to buy in India-

1.) Amazfit huami pace bip touchscreen smartwatch

Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

amazfit huami pace bip touchscreen smartwatch

Keeping a track record of your health along with timekeeping makes one a gentleman. Therefore, amazfit touchscreen Smartwatch has been invented in a way to constantly track your heart activities and footsteps.

The black-colored watch comes with rectangular dial and classic buckle strap complements the wrist of everyone who carries it. OLED screen ensures smooth touch operation, whereas the GPS feature provides accurate location tracking. The battery lasts for one month once you charge it fully.


  • Records accurate data anywhere and anytime
  • The smartwatch reminds you via vibrating on the wrist
  • Long Standby: 1 charge lasts 45 day
  • Bip is simply an all-around great smartwatch!
  • You can track your runs (indoor and outdoor), cycling and other sports with detailed GPS routes and stats.
    Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

2.) Noise colorfit Pro fitness watch

Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

Noise colorfit Pro fitness watch


The number of features present in noise, color fit Pro fitness Smartwatch is literally unending. However, collecting them together in a list we would like to start them from fitness tracking activity. The exceptional Smartwatch tracks your blood oxygen levels, activity levels, sleep schedule, sports activity, body movement and much more. It notifies you regarding all the important functions and compliments your wrist simultaneously. You can even playback some music while you feel gloomy or bored out of a tiresome day. Full Metal body, waterproof design, and 3-day battery backup make color fit Smartwatch a good choice.


  • Track heart rate 24/7 with the help of a dynamic heart rate sensor.
  • Supports Walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Badminton, Basketball, Football, etc.
  • Notifies social media messages in the display
  • Work on both iOS and Android operating system
  • Front camera for perfect selfies and video shootsBest Digital Smartwatch 2019

3.) Amazfit pace A1612 multisport Smartwatch

Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

Amazfit pace A1612 multisport Smartwatch

When it comes to producing the best smartwatches with impeccable appearances, Amazfit has left no stone unturned. Amazfit is one of the best products of human that has been existing since 2014. Without adjusting with the performance or battery backup, the commendable watch notifies you about all the ongoing activities in your mobile phone while you synchronize both the gadget together. It comes with GPS, accelerator, gyroscope and much more to your imagination. 1.2 gigahertz processor provides wonderful workability of a timepiece.

The watch companies 8 advance sport tracking features that let you know about your body functioning and other ongoing scenarios. 2 GB internal storage can let you have your favorite songs compiled together within the compartment of the tiny watch.


  • A host of advanced features and sensors give you clear, actionable insights into your health and fitness goals
  • Actionable insight into your health and fitness
  • Stunning design and keep up your pace when music is on
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Huami is also a provider of wearable technology for Xiaomi and the maker of the Mi BandBest Digital Smartwatch 2019

4.) MI band – hrx edition

Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

MI band – hrx edition

Xiaomi is raising standards by launching high-quality gadgets at unbeatable price range repeatedly. The MI hrx edition has recently startled the market with high-quality OLED display and touch panel. The fitness watch not only tracks normal body motions, heart rate, and sleep but also measures body temperature and provides useful data in order to keep you informed. The bracelet displays the current time and accurately track footsteps similar to a maximum of the gadgets. With sedentary reminder notification, you get to know when it is optimal to make a move.


  • Take a shower or walk in the warm summer rain without worrying about the operation
  • You can find out the detailed information about the covered distance, time, body temperature and many other useful data with just one touch of a finger.
  • You can customize the notification interval by yourself
  • Behind the perfect look of a band, there are hidden unique innovative technologies
  • Work on a new pedometer algorithm
    Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

5.) MI band 3

Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

MI band 3


The technical specifications of Mi band 3 include large .78 inch OLED touch screen that allows you to have a deeper insight into everything displayed. Notification feature to you keeps informed with the WhatsApp and SMS received. Heart rate monitoring for 24 hours ensures that in case you are excessively stressed, your watch takes care of you through the remainder.

The all-new MI fitness application tracks sleep comes with sedentary reminder and much more. 20-day battery backup and skin-friendly trap give a better rating to the MI fitness band.


  • Sleep monitoring you can adjust your sleeping habits accordingly
  • Skin-friendly strap & with the Mi-Fit App, you can set customized daily goals based on your needs
  • 20-day battery backup you can get with this smartwatch
  • Notification alert Silent, Notifications and a lot more
  • 1-year warranty and support with smartwatchBest Digital Smartwatch 2019

6.) Cogito Fit Smartwatch

Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

cogito fit Smartwatch

Flaunt your fashion sense by placing an order for cogito Smartwatch that keeps you notified regarding social media status and important messages right away on your wrist. Water-resistant Smartwatch is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, high-quality battery backup, and fitness tracking features. The red marsala model from the company is a combination of commendable features and amazing look.


  • The genuine price range of this smartwatch
  • High-quality design watch for your track
  • Your health by using this trendy smartwatch
  • A Gentle Drizzle As This Smartwatch Is Water Resistant Up To 100 M
  • This Smartwatch Can Operate For Months On A Standard Button-Cell Battery
    Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

7.) Docooler ZeBlaze Thor Pro GPS Smartwatch

Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

Docooler ZeBlaze Thor Pro GPS Smartwatch

The price range of 8000 rupees on Amazon can give you a Smartwatch that no other E-Commerce platform can give. Place an order for Thor Pro Smartwatch from ZeBlaze that has been enlisted at more than 50%. 1 gigahertz Quad-Core processor and 5.1 Android operating system is enough to execute the fundamental task of a smartphone. Further, you get 1.53 inch IPS display and Nano sim card support to enjoy being online future Smartwatch. 2. 0-megapixel camera clearly takes pictures and shoots videos.


  • 6 months warranty available with smartwatch
  • ROM 16GB and RAM 1GB. 2.0MP camera, clear to take photos
  • Support Nano SIM card and 2G GSM & 3G WCDMA network
  • Compatible for iOS 9.0 & Android 5.1 or above
  • There are many other functions available
    Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

8.) Mevofit echo Ultra smart fitness watch

Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

Mevofit echo Ultra smart fitness watch

If you cannot decide which Smartwatch to buy for yourself, probably you can place your order after learning About merit Eco Ultra Smartwatch that comes with a sedentary reminder, social media notification, fitness tracking features, Bluetooth connectivity, and high-quality display. Managing your smartphone data could have never been easier than this. The special me of its application provides accurate data and simultaneously motivates you to do better in life.


  • Power button to switch off a band
  • Macro health components notifications
  • Comfortable design with soft & skin-friendly you medical-grade strap
  • You can actually keep a track of the distance you have walked with the band on for a better understanding
  • The calories burned are displayed on the band screen onlyBest Digital Smartwatch 2019

9.) HUAWEI TPU honor band 3

Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

HUAWEI TPU honor band 3

The ordinary look of Hawaii tpu honor band is not so ordinary in terms of specifications and features. Living healthy becomes easy when you have an intelligent gadget to notify you all the time. HUAWEI tpu honor band is a perfect companion that demands nothing in return to notify you about sleep quality, body movements, and heart rate. Long-lasting battery backup of after 45 days and exemplary look makes it a perfect choice for low budget Smartwatch buyers.


  • Free manual heart rate monitor, pedometer and sleeping monitors
  • 50 meters waterproof standard, suitable to use at home, office and during outdoor activities
  • Pedometer, Heart rate monitor, Sleeping monitor, Alarm setting
  • Fitness tracking features – Besides, you can share your data on Facebook and Twitter, which may encourage you and your friends to do exercise and raise interest in sports
  • Ultra Long battery backupBest Digital Smartwatch 2019

10.) HUAWEI ERS-B29 fitness band

Best Digital Smartwatch 2019

HUAWEI ERS-B29 fitness band

Likewise, the above model, this Smartwatch model from the house of Huawei startles everyone with high-end features and nominal prices. The bold design is complemented with in-depth features like GPS, heart rate monitoring, pedometer and much more to empower your experience with this gadget.


  • Independent GPS positioning (without phone)
  • Support for running and swimming as well as breathing exercises
  • Waterproof Explore further and deeper with limitless performance
  • Fitness tracker features & 1-year warranty
  • Style is nothing without comfortBest Digital Smartwatch 2019
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