Best Foot Massager in India 2020

Keeping mind and body relaxed enhances productivity manifold. After a tiresome day and loads of work, a foot massager can help in relieving stress right away. Particularly designed to focus upon the key Areas where there is maximum pressure and load, foot massagers are successfully ruling the medical industry and Spa centers. Luckily, you can buy personal Foot Massagers at very affordable rates nowadays. Companies have launched foot massagers to Cater to household requirements after much testing and research.

Instead of spending a huge amount of your salary in Spa or any relaxation center, buy a good quality Foot Massager machine that can immediately make you feel comfortable and worthwhile. So visit now our website and see foot massager review from our website.

Best Foot Massager In India

1. Lifelong LLM 81-foot massager

Best Foot Massager

Lifelong LLM 81-foot massager


The brown-colored Foot Massager machine is not going to occupy much space of your room. You can place it in the corner along with a chair so that you can and relax during leisure. Apart from relieving stress, lifelong LLM 81-foot massager can bid adieu to all kind of foot pain aptly. It helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and makes you feel thoroughly rejuvenated with better blood circulation and internal relaxation.

Specifications –

  • Ergonomic design 
  • Focus on acupressure areas
  • High-quality copper wiring for more durability
  • LED display
  • Heat massage feature

2.) Jsb hf05 leg and foot massager

Best Foot Massager

JSB hf05 leg and foot massager


While there are many suggestions for the best foot massagers in the market, we have brought only the trusted ones for you. Rubber-based padding and foot reflexology can definitely help you to achieve better health in just no time. ISO 9001 certified company has come up with one of the finest Foot Massager that can relax tensed muscles. Jsb hf05 comes equipped with three-speed levels functioning. The auto shut feature can let you put a time frame of 15 – 20 minutes in order to customize your message. It sensibly squeezes feet, creates gentle vibration, better blood flow, and rejuvenating effect.


  • Low power consumption because having auto shut off feature.
  • 1-year warranty JSB national warranty.
  • Best for Varicose veins patients as well as old age people with low blood circulation.
  • For leg slimming & fat reduction this foot massager is best.
  • Leg and foot massager is integrated with three-speed levels and you can expect a personalized massage as a masseuse would have provided.
    Best Foot Massager

3.) Dr. Physio electric powerful Foot Massager machine

Best Foot Massager

Dr. Physio electric powerful Foot Massager machine

The miniature Foot Massager machine comes in silver color and remote control. If you have been looking forward to buying an affordable Foot Massager for your home, this is the product you can choose. Heat massage and customize settings makes sure that you get the best relaxation with the machine. Easy to clean internal cover prohibits any kind of bacterial growth. Furthermore, lightweight and portable Foot Massager belongs from the house of Dr. Physio USA that is known for quality and innovative products.


  • Technologically equipped so it is an effective solution to get wrinkle-free tight skin through regular massage.
  • An alternative for manual Acupressure Manipol massager is designed to produce light to steady pressure on different parts of the body. 
  • Deep kneading massage Wave massage, scraping and rolling heads with protective cover.
  • Rolling massage feature helps in burning body fat.
  • Pain reliever messenger comes with 1 Year Standard Warranty. Best Foot Massager

4.) Sterling arg kneading and Rolling Foot Massager

Best Foot Massager

Sterling arg kneading and Rolling Foot Massager

The multipurpose foot massager is powerful stress-relieving machine that is both user-friendly and effective for better blood circulation. If you have been lately suffering from heart diseases, internal pain, and mental stress, this is the machine you can buy to get better health right away. The touch panel and remote control allow easy operability and handling of the product. 15-minute auto cut off feature ensures that you get ample massage at one shot.


  • Foot massager machine for pain and stress relief in feet so best for the elderly.
  • Help in relieving muscle pain rubber kneading pads press against your muscles to relax tired muscles and foot.
  • light in weight and portable so easy to operate.
  • Easy operability because of handy touch-panel control on the unit.
  • You can choose from programs p1, p2, p3 and p4Best Foot Massager

5.) Askyl foot calf leg massager machine

Best Foot Massager

Askyl foot calf leg massager machine

If your feet feel tired after the end of the day, place an order for askyl foot calf leg massager machine online and give your sole never like before relaxation. You can customize your massage by altering the speed from low to high. Based on reflexology, if you have been suffering from foot pain since quite a while, probably this machine can give you a permanent solution for your problem. It comes with easy remote control button and warming feature so that your muscular tension is gone eternally.


  • Reflexology based workability which helps to different human’s organ.
  • Warming feature allows you to warm up your cold feet the cold months are approaching. 
  • Custom buttons help you to target your tiptoe, arch of the foot. 
  • The adjustable speed you could choose to knead, rolling and massaging combinations.
  • This massanger is easy to use.Best Foot Massager

6.) Jsb HF60 shiatsu leg  Foot Massager machine

Best Foot Massager

Jsb HF60 shiatsu leg  Foot Massager machine


Yet another foot massagers model from jsb comes with an instruction manual, adaptor and everything required to operate the product. The black color Foot Massager has minimal power consumption and high performance. It can give your family a better life and mental state. Believe it or not, your physical and emotional states are interrelated. Once your body feels relax, your brain automatically starts working better. With unlimited activities required to be initiated by housewives and working individuals, jsb has got a product that can exceptionally relieve pain and give a slimming effect. Furthermore, it fights with varicose veins and any kind of swelling that has taken place because of cramps.


  • 1-year manufacturer guarantee on-site doorstep & JSB National warranty. 
  • The innovative product can be used as a Knee Massager if used from another side.
  • Heat massaging Infrared heating in thigh/upper calves.
  • Reflexology rollers on foot insole with special heel up to the lifting nodal advantage.
  • SB Healthcare thrives to be your family home health care partner.
    Best Foot Massager

7.) Agaro relaxing foot massager

Best Foot Massager

Agaro relaxing foot massager

The professional foot massager can help in relieving pain from your ankles and feet in the best possible way. With reflexology function, the product stimulates better blood circulation throughout the body. The customizable modes help in selecting different massaging options available. Compact size and light in weight Foot Massager do not require any special adjustments of space in your home. It can be easily placed in the corner of the office or room along with a chair to seek relaxation whenever required.


  • The auto shut feature allows to shut down after 15 minutes.
  • Detachable fabric cover with zip Helps in easy cleaning and good hygiene.
  • One-touch button control provides easy access.
  • Customizable massage can be used for leg and foot separately.
  • The Rolling massage on the foot provides comprehensive care to your feet, including toes, arch, and soles.Best Foot Massager

8.) Evana relaxing foot massager

Best Foot Massager

Foot massage in the spa salon in the garden

you don’t need an expert to control your foot pain as long as you have Evana relaxing foot massager at your home. With better blood circulation endorsed, there is an absolute comfort through the customizable functions of the machine. Perfect for ankle, heel, leg and muscular massage, high-quality leg massager can relax while you lie down towards your back on a relaxing chair or sofa. evana massager focuses on the prime Areas where there is maximum stress.


  • 15-minute time slot 
  • Foot Rollers help improve blood circulation to feet.
  • Bid adieu to varicose veins pain & stress relief in feet.
  • Low electricity consumption due to auto cut off.
  • Customized massage  & easy to operate.Best Foot Massager

9.) Stok St -Cfm01 foot massager

Best Foot Massager

Stok St-Cfm01 foot massager

Button indicator notifies speeds and workability of the machine. One setting vibration ensures that you get perfect massage through the machine. You can increase the pressure according to your comfortability and requirements. The light in weight device is perfect for feet equivalent to 28 CM or less . Make sure that you do not put your put excessively deep within the device and leave some space for your toes to relax. The best would be to allow the machine to massage from the lowest setting.


  • 5 button control time, model, strength, heating, on/off
  • LCD screen time display
  • This leg massager increases blood circulation and promotes relaxation
  • Multifunctional massaging machine
  • Three kinds of mode and two levels of strength for choiceBest Foot Massager

10.)  Healthsense LM 310 touch foot massager

Best Foot Massager

healthsense LM 310 touch foot massager

Nobody could imagine that foot massagers could be so handy until something like health sense came in the market. Engineered with exceptional durability and impeccable features, the foot massager comes with one-touch Heal button that focuses on the key areas of pain. The impressive massager can bid adieu two muscular pain and irritation permanently. Two silicon rubber pads deliver a good squeezing massage to the feet from both sides.


  • Acupressure massage dual boards sitting on the front and rear side target the acupoints on the feet to improve circulation.
  • A swivel stand for a customized massage 
  • Arm massage gives your hardworking hands a spa-like treatment when you insert them into the unit while being cozy enough.
  • One-touch Heal button the control panel from a distance as heal-touch comes handy with a wireless remote.
  • Heal-touch is designed to consist of 2 pressure massage pads, 2 rollers, and 2 acupuncture points.Best Foot Massager We Gadget reviews lab scoured the market in search of top-rated foot massagers and carefully analyzed what makes them really special and provides you complete leg massagers reviews. So make sure what is your main need and then you can buy any foot massager from the list.
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