A Brief Discussion On The Best Table Fans In India In 2020

Summers in India are quite unbearable. Temperatures in many parts of this nation touch more than 38 degrees. Thus, to get relief, you need to experience the flow of cool air in your room. Hence, you can buy a best table fan that offers high-speed rotation to provide sufficient airflow. 

Below, we have discussed the details of the best table fans of India in 2020. 

Usha Maxx Air 400mm High-Speed Best Table Fan

Usha brand is one of the popular names in the Indian market when it comes to electronic items like a fan. It is a go-to brand when it comes to buying the best quality and reliable fans as well as table fans.

This 55W table fan comes in a blue and white styling accompanied by an elegant look. The aerodynamically designed semi-transparent PP blades simply add to the performance and look of this table fan.

It has a novel base design that also offers the fan control buttons to the users. Its wide translucent blades are known for high air delivery to the users and thus help to make summer a pleasing season. It uses 1280 RPM which further ensures that you won’t be disappointed with the performance of this fan.

You can get a uniform distribution of the air in the room. It makes use of this effective and high-quality motor for keeping the oscillations jerk-free and thereby assuring the uniform distribution of air. It also offers low voltage operations and low noise performance.

You can use this fan in large rooms and it comes with a 1-year warranty time for assuring the users to get the value for their money.

Some other features and benefits are- 

  • Suitable for large rooms. 
  • Wide blades for expanded air delivery. 
  • High-performing motor. 
  • Uniform air distribution. 
  • Jerk-free oscillations. 
  • Stylish look

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Havells Swing LX 400mm Best Table Fan

If you are looking for an amazing best table fan that can deliver outclass performance, then you can settle for this table fan for sure.

Swing LX  offers jerk-free oscillations by making use of its heavy-duty PP blades. It also makes use of 1350 RPM speed for delivering the expected performance to the users.  When you put this table fan on the highest speed, you will receive the air from all around the room which assures uniform distribution of air.

It works with the power consumption of 55W which also makes it an energy-efficient model to use. Another essential feature which makes this table fan to stand out is its protective use. It is designed using 120 ribs guard which assures the users about the protective use of this table fan.

This fan combines pivot arrangements for oscillations and tilting along with an aerodynamic design which enhances the circulation of air in all directions of the room. Havells also offers 2-years warranty time with their table fan and thus the users can be sure of getting quality performance every time they use this fan. It comes in 3 attractive color combinations and you can pick any one that you like.

Some other features and benefits are- 

  • High protection. 
  • Suitable for large rooms. 
  • Jerk-free oscillations. 
  • Offers air delivery – 72 CMM.
  • Energy-efficient. 

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Crompton Greaves High Flo Eva 400mm Best Table Fan

This best table fan from Crompton is designed in such a manner that it can blend well with all types of household décor. It is a brilliant table fan that symbolizes stability, great performance, amazing features, and excellent looks. It is designed using high-quality plastic which is sufficient enough to grab your attention in the first go. The plastic base is quite broad which offers the required balance and support to the fan while it is performing.

With its size of 400mm and 1300 RPM speed, this model can deliver you with equal and even distribution of air. Its air delivery rate of 70CMM further confirms the same benefits. Besides this, the model needs 50W of power consumption for its operations and this makes it one energy-efficient model.

This fan comes in an elegant design and simple looks that can easily be fitted in any room. The buttons available on the base of this table fan are easy to operate and handle and thus makes the use of this table fan quite convenient for the users.

You will get a warranty of 2-years with this Crompton table fan for assuring the users about the reliability of the fan and also about the great value that they will be getting. 

Some other features and benefits are- 

  • Energy-efficient. 
  • Uniform air distribution. 
  • Perfect balance and support. 
  • Suitable for large rooms.
  • Shock-resistant model. 

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Eveready TFH04 400mm Best Table Fan

Eveready TFH04 offers world-class performance. It provides amazing features and the best innovative technologies. 

The 40mm size of this table fan is quite effective for making this best table fan suitable to be used in large rooms. It has a wide base that delivers support and balance to the fan while it is being used. All the accessible buttons of the fan are available on the base and are also quite convenient to use. 

The distinguishing feature of this Eveready table fan is the easy lock grill assembly which offers enough protection to the users during the use. This is an excellent feature if you have kids around at your place. This fan needs a power consumption of 110W and an operating voltage of 220-240 volts.

For delivering the users high-speed air, it makes use of 2000RPM in the best manner. You also get 3 different speed settings in this table fan with which you can control the flow of air. Along with all these features, this table fan also makes use of 90-degree motorized oscillations for covering a wide range of areas to deliver uniform air throughout the room. 

You will get a full 2-year warranty. 

Some other features and benefits are- 

  • World-class protection. 
  • 3 options to set speed. 
  • High air delivery speed. 
  • Uniform oscillations.
  • Cover wide area. 

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Cinni 300mm Oscillating High-Speed Best Table Fan

If you are looking for a complete metal fan instead of a plastic table fan, then this Cinni table fan should be your best choice. It is made of aluminum and iron which makes this model slightly different than the other table fans available in the market.

This best table fan also has an impressive motor. It is a copper winded heavy-duty motor that helps it to perform all its operations in the best possible manner. The blades available in this Cinni fan are specially cut and are made using the aluminum sheet.

This 65mm best table fan consumes the power of 65W for delivering its desired performance to the users without any hassles. Thanks to the original Cinni oscillating box system which has amazing oscillating speed that ensures to deliver uniform air distribution. Along with this, you also get 90-degree swing which assures the users that the air will reach to every corner of the house. There are smart buttons to control speed and oscillations effectively. 

Some other features and benefits are- 

  • Uniform oscillations. 
  • 3 options to control speed. 
  • Suitable for medium-sized rooms. 

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Mr. Right 3 Blades Oscillating Rechargeable Best Table Fan

Mr. Right is one of the most popular brands in the market. It offers table fans with amazing features and elegant designs. 

This best table fan can settle with any room décor and thus eliminates the hassles of arranging the complementing designs.

It comes with 3 large size blades which are so made that they assure the users to offer uniform distribution of cool air in the entire room. You can adjust the cooling of this fan by using its 3-speed settings.

It is made with high-quality plastic which is durable and is long-lasting. The base of this table fan is wide enough to offer it a stable balance and support. There are smart buttons to control their operation effectively. 

This fan is a rechargeable fun. Thus, you can use it during power cuts also. Apart from the tables, you can install it on walls also. 

Some other features and benefits are- 

  • Suitable for medium-sized rooms. 
  • Elegant look.
  • 3-speed settings. 

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Bajaj Esteem 400mm Best Table Fan

Bajaj is one of the most reputed brands in the best table fan industry. This Bajaj Esteem is an affordable fan that offers reliability and durability. It consumes just 50W of power for its operations which further makes it an energy-efficient model. 

This best table fan operates in silent mode. It comes in 400mm size which makes it a perfect choice for large rooms.

It has a robust full copper motor. With the speed of 1320 RPM, you can be sure to get a uniform distribution of air throughout the room. It also has air delivery value as 70 CMM which ensures that the cool air will reach fast and in every corner. You also get a 1-year warranty with this product.

Some other features and benefits are- 

  • Impressive design. 
  • Smart buttons. 
  • High durability. 

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Usha Duos Mist Air 400mm Best Table Fan

Usha duos come with PP blades in aerodynamic design which assures to provide better air delivery. These blades are also known to offer no noise operation which is an added advantage with this table fan. The sweep size of 400mm confirms that this best table fan can be suitably used in large rooms.

The dual color appearance of this table fan makes it look stylish and eye-catching. The wide base of the fan stand ensures that you will get proper support and balance during its use. Thanks to fuse to the auto-protect motor, you can feel safe with thermal overloading.

The soft hand tilting mechanism supported with dual options as well as the knobs and ratchet type mechanism adds to the amazing performance of this Usha model. You can get the performance of this table fan with the power consumption of 55W. it offers an RPM value of 1280 and an air delivery value of 60 CMM.

Some other features and benefits are- 

  • Jerk-free and uniform oscillations
  • Energy-efficient model
  • 2-years of warranty
  • Thermal overloading protection
  • Attractive looks and design

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Bajaj Ultima PT01 200mm Best Table Fan

Bajaj Ultima PT01 is one of the most budget-friendly table fans in the market. The design of this fan suits almost all types of home décors. 

It has a powerful motor with a modern appealing display which makes this fan a complete package for its users. Being available at the 14-inch size, this table fan has graceful high speed for air circulation.

It makes use of PP blades available in the aerodynamic style which ensures that its cool air reaches throughout the room. It backs its performance with 2300 RPM value which simply enhances the performance of the table fan.  The design and the blades are coated with powder guards which increases the durability of the fan.

The sweep size of 200mm is convenient for small rooms to deliver uniform air distribution. It comes with a powerful motor that is specially designed for the Indian home conditions. The best table fan may heat up a little when used continuously for long hours but this will certainly not affect its performance anyhow.

Some other features and benefits are- 

  • Elegant design with modern looks
  • Coated with powder guard
  • Powerful motor
  • It makes a little noise while working. 

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V-Guard Personal Fan Lap Breeze 250mm Best Table Fan

V-guard is effective for small rooms. It offers a huge number of amazing features. Even though the fan comes in a compact size, it does offer 3 different speed settings to its users for comforting them according to their needs. The right tilting angle and composed airflow from this best table fan balance and optimize the environment in the room. The fan is available with a 1-year warranty.

You may face some initial noise as you switch on this fan. But, the noise will last for only 3 to 4 seconds. It operates using 1200 RPM value which enhances the overall performance of the fan for its users in the best possible manner.

Along with the horizontal swing, it also offers the option of vertical swing to its users. It does oscillate in all 360-direction and thus covers the entire room with its cooling. The fan can be operated in an energy-efficient manner as it only consumes 40W of power.

Some other features and benefits are- 

  • 360-degree oscillations
  • Noiseless operation
  • 3-speed settings
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Rotating grill for uniform air delivery. 

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