Best Air Fryers in India 2019

When it comes to taking care of your health, there is absolutely no compromise in that. Tickling taste buds maintains a charming life but taking care of health is is more important. Therefore, in order to have the best of taste without spoiling the health, air fryer have been invented.

Gone are the days when you had an option to purchase the best air fryer only when there was some extra money and savings. With the prices of such appliances reducing considerably, taking care of health has become easier. Air fryers are the rescuer for foodies. They are indeed perfect for cooking different snack varieties that are generally available with a lot of trans fat in the market. Just little amount of oil and you have the best of snacks with unbeatable taste and nutrition value with you. This is the list of best air fryer for you –

1.) Philips 2.2 litre Air Fryer








It would be an injustice with philips if we do not inaugurate our list with their brand. Philips was the first company to highlight the concept of Air fryers by launching and Advertising the product. 2.2 litre air fryer from select has been a successful product from philips because of modernized design and sound workability. The product is compact and a great performer at the same time. The perfect device to keep you miles away from heavy fried food needs no complicated procedure to operate. You will always feel like preparing something or the other in the Philips air fryer because cooking becomes much easier in this. Forget food items carrying high cholesterol and lower nutrition value. Purchase the Philips air fryer and enjoy best of food everyday.


  • 2 years product warranty
  • 800 gram cooking capacity
  • 80% savings on oil consumption
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Timer

2.) Havells Profile Plus 4 litre Air Fryer

Havells has acquired a positive image in the market in terms of household appliances. Apart from delivering the best of electric equipment, the company has been inventing one after the other varieties of home appliance. The profile plus models from Havells talks about innovative design and seamless experience. The inbuilt feature of the the air fryer reduces the instances of odours arising because of burnt oil. Also, the single product can grill, cook and fry with the Rapid cooking Technology that lets air circulate through the Chambers and cooks every bit of the food.


  • Non stick cooking
  • 4 litre capacity
  • Cool touch release option
  • Temperature regulatory knob

3.) Pigeon 2.2 litre Air Fryer

The budget friendly product is a must buy for a small health-conscious family. Also, if you have been living in a hostel and have a gang who loves too munch goodies, pigeon 2.2 litre air is a good choice. With considerably reduced oil consumption, pigeon air fryer can keep your tummy from working hard in digesting heavy food. The super duper airfryer can prepare more than hundred dishes and the temperature regulatory knob helps to set the perfect temperature. Also, there is auto shut feature  to ensure that your food never gets burnt. The perfect hand grip and non slippery appliance is recommended for everybody who is looking out to Grab a quality air fryer.


  • Temperature regulatory knob
  • Auto shut
  • 30 minute timer setting option

4.) Prestige PAF Airfryer

Prestige PAF AirFryer

If you are looking forward for the best selling air fryer that has maximum happy customers, Prestige air fryer can be the options for you. The exemplary product can cook chicken tikka, rolls and cakes with minimal oil consumption. Introduced in golden colour, The Prestige air fryer indeed a prestigious product for your kitchen. The small Recipe book will help you to handle the product well.


  • Intricate design
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Non stick cooking
  • Easy to clean

5.) American Micronic 3.2 litre Air Fryer

Indians are a big fan of fried food.  The moment there is a slightest of happiness, it is celebrated by preparing heavy snacks and dishes. Not to put health on stake, one must go for American micronic 3.2 litre air fryer that can reach up to 200 degree Celsius and evenly distribute hot air around food items. Preparing delicious chicken tikka and sweet cake is very easy with the built-in quality of American micronic air fryer. You can regulate the food preparation with the adjustable temperature control Technology.


  • Temperature regulatory knob
  • High quality design
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Dishwasher safe

6.) Glen 304 Stainless Steel Air Fryer

Available at almost half of the price then the normal air fryers, Glen air fryer can bake, fry, grill and toast with upto 80% lesser oil consumption . The stainless steel coil vapour ensures that the prepared food is absolutely crisp and tasty. Also, there is 30 minutes temperature control setting that can let you manage cooking without burning food. With little or no oil consumption, you can prepare the healthiest and tastiest dishes using the glen air fryer.


  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Rapid cooking Technology
  • 80% less oil consumption
  • Rapid heating
  • Stainless steel coil

7.) Inalsa Air Fryer 2.9 litre

Amazon has no shortage of products that have smart workability and carry huge discounts. The 1400 watt air fryer comes with 2.9 litre capacity from Inalsa. With positive user ratings , cool touch option and versatile cooking options, Inalsa air fryer can be your kitchen appliance eternally. The quality product is safe for dishwashers and readily cooks healthy food. Also, it has auto shut feature that immediately puts an end to cooking when done.


  • Power off option for more safety
  • 2.9 litre food cooking capacity
  • Ideal for family of 4 – 6
  • 2 year  product warranty

8.) Singer Maxi Health 1200 watt Air Fryer

Which a different appearance and world class features, singer Maxi health 1200 watt air fryer comes with one litre cooking capacity. The stringent quality measures ensure that you get only the best from the brand. 4 standard attachments makes cooking interesting and comprehensive at the same time.


  • Non stick rotating time of 1000 gram
  • 1200 watt airfryer for immediate cooking
  • Heat proof handle

9.) Wonderchef Caruso Digital Air Fryer

The beautiful purple colour airfryer is all that you need to prepare healthy and oil free Food . 3.4 litre non-stick food basket, you can prepare food for 4 – 6 people simultaneously. Maintenance free product comes with Wonderchef warranty and brand engineering. The beautiful colour is definitely going to enhance the grace of your kitchen. You can prepare a number of dishes in the air fryer that has been one of the finest product from the collection of Sanjeev Kapoor.


  • 2 years product warranty
  • Stunning design
  • Smooth operation
  • Uniform cooking
  • Advance features

10.) Kent 1350 watt Air Fryer

Known as the brand for best water purifier, Kent 1350 watt air fryer is yet another applaudable product from the brand. Customized for best air flying experience, you can save up to 80% on your oil expenses once you get habitual of using this product. Preparing Crispy snacks and healthy food for a happy family is only possible with the temperature control and uniform heating technology of Kent air fryer. The food gets evenly heated so that you get nothing but crunchy and evenly cooked food. Multiple purpose appliance can grill, roast and fry food with different functions all together.


  • Large capacity 1.4 kg
  • Smart LED panel
  • Multiple cooking options
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Best Air Fryers in India 2019
Air fryers are the rescuer for foodies. They are indeed perfect for cooking different snack varieties that are generally available with a lot of trans fat in the market.
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