10 Best Bluetooth Tower Speakers in India 2020

Are you looking for a Bluetooth Speaker? Music is the heart and soul of the nation. And music Tower speakers help in circulating Music as the blood flow in the entire body. However, it is important to identify the best Bluetooth Tower speakers in order to make things worthwhile. For that, you need to check Bluetooth speaker reviews. The external speaker Systems must come up with the best quality sound and features. The modern Bluetooth tower speaker is affordable in the price range and can provide theatre-like experience right at your home.

Here are the top 10 Tower speakers 2020 –

1.) Philips  SPA9120B Tower Speaker With Bluetooth

Philips  SPA9120B Tower speaker with Bluetooth

Connect your music system with mobile phones and become energy efficient with the best of songs played in high-quality sound. Philips Tower speakers can even synchronize with iPod and iPhone devices through Bluetooth connectivity. The file transfer feature helps you to digitally transfer your music in the system with the help of a built-in USB direct. The wireless music streaming experience can never let you get short of energy and efficiency. Play your favorite music through a laptop, smartphone and even radio with the impeccable Tower speaker from Philips. The built-in FM tuner lets you tune into your favorite station and enjoy the bass seamlessly.


  • Powerful bass
  • Wide range connectivity
  • You can get a one-year warranty with the best Bluetooth tower speaker
  • Works with any Bluetooth-Enabled Device – The technology allows easy wireless connection to other Bluetooth devices.
  • USB Direct for Easy MP3 Music Playback
  • Wireless Music Streaming via Bluetooth – The technology allows easy wireless connection to other Bluetooth devicesBest Bluetooth Tower speakers

2.) F & D Bluetooth Tower Speakers


F & D T60X Tower speakers

F & D can never disappoint you in terms of quality and durability. After personally having a set of F & D Bluetooth tower speakers, I have now developed a kind of liking for the brand. Tall and slim Tower speakers perfectly complement flat-panel televisions and home design. The woofer and subwoofer enhance the musical range whereas wood housing in shot natural music all around. You can enable connection with any random digital gadget through the Bluetooth connectivity and get grooving all the way. The LED display panel helps you to find out the exact music played and wireless connectivity to remote control as much convenience in operating the tower speaker.


  • F&D Bluetooth speakers rated as an “Amazon choice” because of its quality
  • Side panel control of F & D T60X Tower speakers you will get side panel to manage everything
  • 1-year warranty you will get with this Bluetooth tower speaker
  • Elegant wooden cabinet design which provides quality sound and makes this Bluetooth speaker look elegant and attractiveBest Bluetooth Tower speakers

3.) OBAGE Dual Tower Multimedia Speaker

OBAGE Dual Tower multimedia speaker

OBAGE Dual Tower multimedia speaker, the base technology along with Bluetooth connectivity is quite appreciable at this price range. A lower price range can let you own something great this time. If you love the loud music and wish to feel every bit of it, simply placing order for edge dual Tower multimedia speaker that has astounding technical specifications and unbeatable durability. The base technology along with Bluetooth connectivity is quite appreciable at this price range. furthermore, the chest-thumping feature adds on much to the music quality. Hassle-free operation and low distortion so that you can feel the best of every music piece is only available in this Bluetooth music tower speaker.


  • Deep clear bass of Bluetooth speaker allows enjoying the feel at every step of volume
  • Low distortion music is best for quality sound
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty with this tower Bluetooth speaker
  • Chest thumping bass system ideal for bass lovers

Best Bluetooth Tower speakers

4.) York Eccellente Tower Speakers

York Eccellente Tower speakers

York Eccellente Column Tower Speakers with Bluetooth, FM, AX Line, USB Connect with Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, TV. When quality and Price simultaneously matter, York excellent Tower speakers something that you can buy from Amazon. The column Tower speakers can give you the best music Experience so that creating a party mood at home is not a big deal for you. High-quality Bass, Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, and multi-control speakers are not the only features at this price range. The Tower speaker has much more to it.


  • Built-in amplifier
  • Aux connectivity allow with this wireless speaker
  • FM frequency also good and quality maintains with blue tooth speaker
  • 6 months manufacturer warranty with this York excellent column tower Bluetooth speaker

Best Bluetooth Tower speakers

5.) Mitashi TWR Channel Tower Speaker

Mitashi twr channel Tower speaker

Channel Tower speakers can eliminate all the hassles associated with Bluetooth connection and music play. submerge in the luxury experience with 8000 watts pmpo speaker that can give you the best music quality. Mitashi home theatre comes with Feather Touch buttons for longevity and better functionality. Further, there is FM radio, SD card reader and USB support so that you can access music from different sources.


  • HD performance
  • SD card reader
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Remote control
  • 1-year warrantyBest Bluetooth Tower speakers

6.) Philips SPT 6660 Channel Tower Speakers

Philips SPT 6660 channel Tower speakers

Being amongst the bestseller Tower speakers, SPT 6660 model from Philips is worth placing an order. Music definitely stimulates a better mood and health. Place an order for Philips karaoke Tower speakers that has a powerful design and subwoofer. With a one-year warranty on the product, you can enjoy the best of music tracks without needing to worry about anything else. Healthy living is dependent upon our surroundings. Music definitely has a role play in the same. The integrated music solutions of Philips don’t need you to initiate any further research.


  • Dual mic support
  • Karaoke
  • 1-year warranty Philips leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions.Best Bluetooth Tower speakers

7.) IBall Tarang Mini Tower Speaker

IBall Tarang mini tower speaker

The latest Bluetooth mini tower speakers from iBall have all the specifications likewise a full-fledged big size Tower speaker. The rose gold color, low price range, bass, and the wooden outer case are enough to give convince the buyer. Aux connectivity, FM radio, and remote control let you enjoy music with direct track selection belonging to different sources. You can carry the miniature Bluetooth Tower speaker anywhere in order to create happy and calming surroundings.


  • Wooden cabinet
  • FM
  • USB support
  • Remote control
  • 1-year warrantyBest Bluetooth Tower speakers

8.) IBall Karaoke Booster Tower Speaker

IBall karaoke booster Tower speaker

Yet another model from the same company has a bigger sized Tower speaker with more features. Stylish and compact in looks, high-quality Tower speaker from iBall comes with the LED display panel and wireless mic along. The full wooden cabinet ensures the best of music quality and a built-in satellite highlights the features of the speakers. Aux connectivity and 1-year manufacturer something that you do not mix with this Tower speaker at all.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Multifunctional
  • Stylish design
  • High-quality musicBest Bluetooth Tower speakers

9) JBL 270 BK 3 Way Tower Speaker

JBL 270 BK 3 way Tower speaker

Without a doubt, you can trust JBL for receiving high-quality music and durable specifications. The Legacy of sound has been taken ahead with the featured Tower speaker from JBL that needs no description and Persuasion. If you love quality and want a branded speaker that can raise your standard, probably this is the product that you can choose right away. However, they lack Bluetooth connectivity which might disappoint the users a bit.


  • Dual speakers
  • 8 ohms ampereBest Bluetooth Tower speakers

10.) Oscar 2.0 Tower Bluetooth Speaker

Oscar 2.0 Tower bluetooth speaker

A High-quality product can belong from an average brand as well. The Oscar 15000 watt pump Bluetooth speaker leaves behind the best of companies in terms of specifications and quality. The karaoke compatible Bluetooth Tower speaker has multifunctional workability. It can club with USB, SD card reader and plays FM radio so that you don’t restrict yourself when it comes to enjoying the best music.


  • Floor standing Tower speakers
  • High-quality bass
  • 1-year warrantyBest Bluetooth Tower speakers

Check out our 10 Best Bluetooth Tower Speakers features to get to know some facts before buying Bluetooth speakers. Gadget reviews Bluetooth speaker reviews will surely help you if you planning to buy tower Bluetooth speakers. Reviews provided by their category like a party rubbed outdoor speakers and indoor speakers. There are many aspects when you are buying a portable Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth tower speakers. Most shoppers erroneously opt for speakers of 2020 with the highest price range or renowned brands like LG, Amazon Alexa, Bose sound link mini II and JBL charge and many more. Others will look for a wireless speaker. By considering all aspect buy Bluetooth channel speaker and once read Bluetooth speaker reviews.

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