A guide about AC In India – Split or Window Air conditioner

Best Review on Split or Window AC

Decide Split or Window AC. What type of air conditioner should you buy? Will a split type air conditioner keep your electricity bills going through the roof?

Will a window type air conditioner suit your room size? Split or Window Air conditioner?

These are typical questions that most air conditioner buyers want to be answered when want to purchase an air conditioner. There is a total of three types of air conditioners: Inventor split AC, Non-inventor split AC & Window AC.

Inventor AC adjusts power according to room temperature. Hence, Non-inventor AC more energy efficient. Best Split or Window AC.

Space requirement

Split and window types are two different types of products.  A split air conditioner is divided into two separate units. An IDU (indoor unit), which is installed in the room you want to be cooled. The ODU (outdoor unit) which has the compressor and the condenser along with a fan motor. This part is used to throw away the heat picked up from the room to be cooled.

On the other hand, a window air conditioner is a single unit in which all of the above components have been placed. 

With the structural difference between both types, placement is often a deciding factor.  Split air conditioners take up more space than the window type air conditioner.

Ease of installation

Although you need an opening in the window if you want to install a window air conditioner, it’s much easier to install it as compared to a split type air conditioner. With a split air conditioner, you need to connect indoor and outdoor units through copper piping. Also, run electrical wiring from inside the room to outside where the outdoor unit has been installed.

Noise factor

This is the most important factor while deciding between the window and split air conditioner. As in the case of split air conditioners, the noise generating part, which is the compressor, is placed separately and is outside the room. Split air-conditioners are much more silent as compared to window air conditioners. Comparatively, window air conditioners generate much more noise.

Aesthetics and looks

This is another area in which split air conditioners score much better as compared to window air conditioners. Indoor units of split air conditioners are available in highly attractive and aesthetically pleasing designs. This is not possible in window air conditioners.

Pricing and power efficiency

Window air conditioners are comparatively 10 to 20 % cheaper as compared to split air conditioners. When it comes to power efficiency, there isn’t much to differentiate one from the other.

Maintenance and servicing

Here also, there is much to differentiate one from the other as both need trained professionals to provide any service. Split air conditioners may be slightly costly to maintain especially in case gas leak etc.

What is the final line? Or Conclusion

Here, you get a complete idea of the best air conditioner by provided air conditioner reviews. Though split air conditioners are slightly costlier, because of their better aesthetic looks and more silent operations. Split air conditioners are becoming more and more popular. Choosing the best Split AC in India is never an easy thing to ask for. You need to consider several factors such as Energy rating, Compressor, and even BTU in order to find the best match.

If you are thinking of buying an air conditioner, the latest and the most efficient technology that is available in the market today is the Inverter Technology for AC. The Inverter technology is certainly a new factor to consider and it brings out a new factor to the present-day life.

Generally, most of the Split AC in India do have a compressor in the outdoor unit. The compressor runs generally at a fixed speed. This also depends on the temperature set.  Decide to buy Split or Window AC.

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  1. Thank you for providing complete information about AC that which air conditioner is best. Finally decided to buy split AC.

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