Best Wi-Fi router in India under 5000 rupees

Best Wi-Fi router India

Using mobile data is common nowadays. Still, people choose to have Wi-Fi routers for added convenience in life. Your mobile data might go out of coverage area or turn off because of lower battery signal. However, a Wi-Fi device shall work constantly because is particularly dedicated for providing internet connectivity round the clock.

Best Wi-Fi router India, There are no ifs and buts about internet connection once you have a worthwhile Wi-Fi router installed at your home or office. Controlling the speed of internet connectivity, encrypting data and availing advanced features are only available when you acquire internet connectivity using a Wi-Fi router.

Best Wi-Fi router in India under 5,000 Rupees :

1.) D’link dir 615 wireless n300 router

Best Wi-Fi router in India

D’link dir 615 wireless n300 router

D-Link is always the first choice when it comes to buying a durable Wi-Fi router. Nowadays, it is quite common to receive more than 50% discount on the MRP of the well-known branded routers. You can get readily purchase D Link Wi-Fi router on 50% discount at Amazon. 300 Mbps speed ensures that there are fast internet connectivity and smooth surfing. The device provides an excellent solution for sharing heavy documents, videos and photos.


Easy to use
Design to conserve energy
Maximum coverage
3-year warrantyBest Wi-Fi router in India


2.) TP-link TL WR841N 300mbps wireless router

Best Wi-Fi router in India

TP-link TL wr 841 n 300mbps wireless router

If you are a fan of wireless streaming, maybe this Wi-Fi router model is the best you can choose. Dual antenna increases the overall performance of the device whereas easy setup assistant Encounters all the troubles associated with Wi-Fi router installation. IP bandwidth regulates administrators and allocates internet connectivity according to different internet devices. Push WPS and encrypted connection keep you safe while you are online.


Quick game streaming @ 300mbps
Easy setup
Can reach out the speed of 2.4 gigahertz
Network controlBest Wi-Fi router in India

3.) TP-LINK archer 1200 gigabit wireless Wi-Fi router

Best Wi-Fi router in India

TP-LINK archer 1200 gigabit wireless Wi-Fi router

Priced slightly higher than the normal, TP-LINK archer router talks about smooth functionality and lightning-fast wireless internet connectivity. USB support in the router provides better features and Powerful data transmission. Easy management and setup make it enjoyable to use the Programmable model eternally.


3-year warranty
3 antenna
Easy setup
Lightning-fast speedBest Wi-Fi router in India

4.) Tenda N301 wireless n300 easy setup router

Best Wi-Fi router in India

Tenda N301 wireless n300 easy setup router

Even if you do not have much knowledge about setting up a router, Tenda wireless router can be easily managed by any random user right away. The model spreads internet connectivity in every corner of the home with high-end Technology. You can set the router within minutes. 300 Mbps wireless speed is perfect for exchanging important applications and flawless web surfing.


Easy connectivity
Compatible WPS
Advanced wireless security
Parental Control
3-year WarrantyBest Wi-Fi router in India

5.) Jio Wi-Fi 4G hotspot

Best Wi-Fi router in India

Jio Wi-Fi 4G hotspot

Jio was the one to bring revolution in the era of internet connection. Exceptionally low priced internet data connectivity from jio has a Wi-Fi hotspot that works with jio sim embedded. Portable and featured Wi-Fi router can work at a speed of 150 MBPS. You can enjoy 4G connectivity and HD voice quality with the help of jio application installed in your smartphone. The standalone Wi-Fi router can connect up to 10 devices at a single time. With powerful battery backup, it supports more than 6 hours of surfing time.

Specifications –

HD voice and video call
4G speed
1-year warranty
PortableBest Wi-Fi router in India

6.) B 310 S – 927 4G/ 3G/2G sim based internet Wi-Fi router

Best Wi-Fi router in India

B 310 S – 927 4G/ 3G/2G sim based internet Wi-Fi router

4G technology is now acquiring Wi-Fi routers as well. Therefore, here is a smart router that provides high-speed internet connectivity with exceptional clarity in VOIP And video calling. You can insert any Sim supporting 4 G connectivity in this router. The device does not allow you to make voice call directly. However, you can use it by installing dedicated applications for voice and video calling. The only drawback with the model is unavailability of warranty.


Any sim support
Easy to use
Tech support
GradespeedBest Wi-Fi router in India

7.) Netgear R6080 – 100INS dual-band Wi-Fi router

Best Wi-Fi router in India

Netgear R6080 – 100INS dual-band Wi-Fi router

Receiving 1000 MBPS speed had been a dream for many people. However, Netgear made it possible with an exceptionally low price model that works with all n 150, n600 and n300 devices. With a two-year replacement warranty, you don’t have to worry about things going wrong at all. Just use it generously and discover the intricacies the way you want. If you are living on the top floor and it is difficult to receive an internet connection over there, Netgear makes it possible.


WAN support
2 years guarantee
Fast internet connectivityBest Wi-Fi router in India

8.) LTE CPE router B310-927 Airtel

Best Wi-Fi router in India

LTE CPE router B310-927 Airtel

Airtel has recently tied up with HUAWEI to produce a featured Wi-Fi router that is perfect for home-based connectivity requirements. Particularly you need airtel4g connection to make the device work.


Customer support
4G/2G/3G sim support
Best for home internet connectionBest Wi-Fi router in India

9.) Linksys E1200 Wi-Fi router

Best Wi-Fi router in India

Linksys E1200 Wi-Fi router

The black-colored sophisticated Wi-Fi router looks exemplary and ravishing. With 300 Mbps speed, you will never have to face any problem while downloading or surfing things online. Advanced parental controls feature to ensure that your children never encounter anything undesired online. Ethernet port support HD TV and other devices.


Safe and Secure internet connectivity
Parental Control feature
Software CD for easy setup
Substantial coverage
2-year hardware warrantyBest Wi-Fi router in India

10.) ASUS Rt-AC53 dual-band Wi-Fi router

Best Wi-Fi router in India

ASUS Rt-AC53 dual-band Wi-Fi router

ASUS is securing a positive name in the digital ERA. No matter whether it is a laptop or mobile phone, the company is far and wide being appreciated for all the digital gadgets produced. Recently, the company has come up with a Wi-Fi router that has a powerful design VPN server and time schedule. You can access banned websites and enjoy intuitive workability simultaneously. Smart control features ensure that you don’t have to spend much energy on configuring the router. Robust antenna attracts strong signals and delivers worthwhile performance.


3-year manufacturer warranty
Robust performance
User-friendly interfaceBest Wi-Fi router in India

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