Best fire TV stick in India under rupees 5000

Firestick India Reviews

Nowadays, TV6 sticks are available with remote control, screen mirroring feature and microphones so that you can instruct them to play your favorite television and movies. Services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and others can be enjoyed irrespective of your location on 4k enabled tv sticks. However, in case you don’t have a television set that supports 4K quality, finding a suitable TV stick can help you to receive the best of entertainment and fun.

Best fire TV stick in India:

1.) Fire TV stick with all-new Alexa voice remote control

Best fire TV stick in India

Fire TV stick with all-new Alexa voice remote control

you know when something is recommended by Amazon it has to be good and worthwhile. The fire TV stick comes to get more than 2000 applications through which you can enjoy television shows, movies and much more. Ask Alexa to find comics and you will immediately find some of the most hilarious shows portrayed on a television set. The easy setup immediately gets you started with the live streaming, Netflix, hotstar and much more. Visiting millions of websites through Silk browser or Firefox not at all a difficult task. Furthermore, you can tune into gaana and music in order to groove during leisure.


Ordering food, play music, watching movies and much more at voice control.
Delicate power volume and mute button.
Best selling fire TV stickBest fire TV stick in India

2.) Apple TV

Best fire TV stick in India

Apple TV

4K capable Apple TV with a wide selection of games and application. The Dolby Atmos sound gives you so much of oomph to the content displayed. The high-resolution format already makes normal content better in quality. The TV application collects user data and remembers whatever you had been watching during the past. Eventually, it makes eases your search for locating the same content again. Subscribe for Netflix and Amazon Prime to have extensive television content at your disposal.


HD content
Available with Amazon prime and in NetflixBest fire TV stick in India

3.) Cybertek 6.0 smartbox

Best fire TV stick in India

Cybertek 6.0 Smartbox

The valuable online steamer is none other than cubetek android 6.0 smart box that comes with remote control and better entertainment features. Penta-core GPU processor for a speed that helps in better connectivity, unlike other boxes. cubetek 6.0 Android smart box is all about giving you perfect streaming experience in your digital gadgets. Buy the smart box and enjoy distinctive features in a hassle-free way.


● Better online streaming
● Multifunctional
● 4k HD quality contentBest fire TV stick in India

4.) Roku streaming stick

Best fire TV stick in India

Roku streaming stick

Roku is one television streaming stick that lets you receive dedicated entertainment with remote control and voice command. The low price level of roku ensures that competitors don’t have a single chance to take over. Dedicated Netflix Button makes it handy and straight forward to directly access movies and shows. You can also have a look at a wide range of free channels that need You to sign up once for a lifetime.


4K capable
Free games and applications
Voice controlBest fire TV stick in India

5.) JT x96 Mini Android 7.1 Smart Box

Best fire TV stick in India

JT x96 Mini Android 7.1 Smart Box

High performing TV stick comes with an Android operating system that has been empowered with amlogic quad core cortex CPU. The device comes with 16GB storage capacity that allows you to conveniently operate websites and applications of your choice. You can even store media and music in order to access it later. High performing TV stick much more to entertain you.


10-day replacement warranty
Android operating system
MultifunctioningBest fire TV stick in India

6.) Intel compute stick

Best fire TV stick in India

Intel compute stick

Available at 12% discount on Amazon, the compute stick some Amazon is definitely attention diverting. You can tweet, surf and play different kinds of content without any strings or wires attached. Bring home the best of Entertainment music and much more with the Intel device that conveniently plays hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and much more. If you don’t want to use any kind of outdated TV streaming stick, this is a perfect choice having portability and world-class features.


32GB storage
1.44 GHz Intel atom
2GB RAMBest fire TV stick in India

7.) ksp Enterprises Delhi Wi-Fi TV stick

Best fire TV stick in India

ksp Enterprises Delhi Wi-Fi TV stick

Fully featured Wi-Fi TV stick can help you to scroll 4K Ultra HD content for better colour quality and picture clarity. You can follow the instructions and visit the online support in case of any help required. Enjoying best quality audio and video on your television set through the internet was never so easy. The product also allows you to replicate the television screen in order to access the camera, pictures, document, music and much more into the largest screen of your television. You can enjoy movies and shows from Android and IOS operating right away using the product.


Crisp picture quality
Simple installation
Wireless connectivityBest fire TV stick in India

8.) Mirascreen Wi-Fi dongle TV stick

Best fire TV stick in India

mirascreen Wi-Fi dongle TV stick

Amazon has plenty of options that can introducing the world of online entertainment. One of the easiest ways to enjoy online shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other platforms is mirascreen 2.40 TV stick. You can use it for mirroring smartphone, tablet, notebook or any other digital device on your television set in order to enjoy everything bigger. Excellent multi-display sharing and LINUX operating system make things possible. Slim design and modern features makes this product a good option.


Screen mirroring
Wireless 150 MBPS speed
6 months warrantyBest fire TV stick in India

9.) Surya Wi-Fi dongle TV stick

Best fire TV stick in India

Surya Wifi Dongle TV Stick

enjoying 4k Ultra HD quality content is always the first choice when you are planning to buy a dongle TV stick. The Surya TV stick is a perfect choice for budget savvy customers who want a multi operational device that is comprehensible and featured. Deep colors Android screen mirroring function ensures that everything is easily available far and wide. 3 months warranty so that you can get the product repaired in case something happens to it.


4K quality
Product warranty
Screen mirroring functionBest fire TV stick in India

10.) Docooler 2.4 gigahertz 5G TV stick

Best fire TV stick in India

Docooler 2.4ghz 5G TV Stick

Exceptional features like screen mirroring, LINUX operating system, wireless audio, and video support along with pocket-friendly prices is All-in-One available at docooler TV stick that helps you to easily operate television HD interface. The product particular works for iOS 9.3. and above operating system. Also, it has compatibility for Android 4.4 and above.


6-month warranty
Wireless audio and video transmission
Comprehensive workabilityBest fire TV stick in India


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